Our Consulting Services

Our Consulting Services

Political & Public Agenda Social Media Campaigns – We consider the management of a political campaign (for public officials – incumbents or challengers) or an agenda campaign to be a form of art that has to do with convincing and forming one’s opinion. Managing a campaign is not something that can or should be taken lightly and has to be handled by top professionals that specialize in this field – and that is who we are.

We offer you an A to Z campaign management approach that will take into account a wide array of services: From ongoing media consulting and opposition research to target audience mapping, crisis management and Social Media engagement.

Public and Corporate Crisis Management Solutions – Public and Corporate crises are not that pleasant but also completely manageable. We consider every crisis to be an opportunity – be it either in terms of regaining the confidence of your supporters or customers – or in terms learning your lesson and thus avoiding the next crisis.

Our crisis management methodology is based on three stages that depend simply on when do we get in and start doing our job: If we start even before the crisis has occurred – we will provide guidelines in order to prevent it from happening in advance. Alternatively, if we start after the crisis had already begun – we shall do whatever it takes to immediately manage it and minimize any potential risks. Finally, if we are hired after the crisis has already been taken care of – we shall first devise and implement an immediate trust regaining plan – and subsequently will submit our tailor-made policy and guidelines white paper aimed at preventing future crises.

The Brand offers its public and private sector clients a unique service – the ability to track real-time Social Media potential crisis scenarios. This tool allows our clients to track and identify potential social-media posts that can evolve into a crisis – thus allowing us to tackle it in advance. This service is provided exclusively to our clients in accordance with an agreement between The Brand and Vigo.  

Corporate Social Media Content and Reputation Management – Nowadays, every small, medium and major business needs to have a social-media presence. However, merely having a Facebook or a Twitter page is not enough – it has to be commanding, attractive, engaging and above all – useful in terms of being able to convert your social-media fans to customers Using creative out of the box content ideas, preliminary target audience research and Social Media Optimization techniques we will help you to achieve your goals and reach more potential clients than ever – turning as many of them as possible into loyal brand ambassadors.

Contact us today via mail or call now +972-54-4886796 in order to set up a meeting or a Skype call for a preliminary and free of charge introductory consulting.

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